Earn сrypto on expenses

Sanely, risk-free, non-stop

Get more of your expenses

Cashback is a great tool for many retailers to drive sales, acquire new customers & improve retention, but could it be done ever better?

Drive sales

Acquire new

Improve experience
& retention

reBITme evolves cashback industry in retail

reBITme is a Web3 engage-to-earn economy fueled by tokenomics, NFTs and gamification that returns a cut of your everyday expenses in crypto

Take full advantage of unique features

fiat/crypto payments by gift cards that redeem in crypto

p2p transfers

request payments

token staking

acquire NFTs, upgrade for greater rewards

NFT rentals for passive income

engage-to-earn crypto on activities

distributed business model with DAO governance

How it works

01 – Pay with gift cards

Customers pay for everyday expenses by gift cards in few clicks

02 – Double your cashback

Buy gift cards with RBM tokens to double a cashback, convert to crypto by wish

03 – Transfer & get paid

Make p2p transfers, request payments, withdraw crypto to wallets

04 – Grow your assets

Stake RBM token, earn crypto rewards in an engage-to-earn economy, get into DeFi world with ENNO wallet, trade crypto with WhiteBIT

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